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If you can't come to Berlin - we will bring Berlin to you!

Berlin Highlights - 1 hour live

This tour will take you through the very heart of Berlin. 


  • Reichstag

The German Parliament building, in the heart of Berlin, has a very turbulent past. Today it stands as a statement of modern German democracy.


  • Tiergarten

This is the green lung of Berlin, and maybe to your surprise, quite active with wild life as well.


  • Soviet Memorial Tiergarten

Scarcely had the guns from WW2 fallen silent and the Soviets built their War Memorial in the centre of Berlin, as it turns out... WEST Berlin. This also served as a burial ground for thousands fallen Soviets. 


  • Victory Column 

This is a symbol of the so called "second Reich" or, Germanys first unification - yes there has been more than one.​

  • Brandenburg Gate

Standing on the former border that divided East and West Berlin. Was the Quadriga on top ever turned around? And why is this the most famous monument in Berlin?

WW2 History - 1 hour live 


This tour will take you along Wilhelmstrasse - the main boulevard of the Nazi regime. 

  • Topography of Terror

The former SS and Gestapo Headquarters, feared and avoided by the Berliners. Today it is a educational museum which gives us a chance to learn about those responsible for the Nazi atrocities.

  • Former Luftwaffe (Air Force) Headquarters

One of the few Nazi buildings to survive the Allied bombings intact.


  • Hitler's Bunker 

Today it is known as the most visited parking lot in Berlin. Although there is not much to see here, this is the spot where Hitler took his life and his remains were burned.


  • Holocaust Memorial

We shall never forget the atrocities committed by the Nazis. In the heart of Berlin, since 2005, lies the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, a field of 2.711 concrete slabs or ‘stelae'.

Berlin Wall Memorial - 1hour live 


We will tour the official Berlin Wall Memorial where you have the two parallel walls and the original death strip still intact. We will visit the ghost station of Nordbahhof and see where the tunnels went under the wall. We will cover daring escapes above and below the Berlin Wall as well as seeing the beautiful church of Reconciliation. 

Jewish Heritage Berlin - 1 hour live

  • Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt

This is where the brushmaker Otto Weidt had his workshop, he hired Jewish workers and put his life on the line to hide many from deportation. For his work, he has been recognised as one of the Righteous Men of the World's Nations 


  • Große Hamburgerstrasse

Along this street we will see former Jewish boys school, the first cemetery for the Jewish community and we will stand on the ground of a former building that served as a collection point during the Nazi time.


  • New Synagogue

Our tour will come to an end at the New Synagogue and its fascinating story of surviving the Kristalnacht or Night of Broken Glass. This was once the largest synagogue of worship in Germany. It sadly did not survive the allied bombings. 

Royal Berlin - 1 hour live

  • Gendarmenmarkt

Bathe in the architectural splendour of Berlin's most beautiful square. See the stunning French and German Domes and the neo-classical Concert House.


  • Bebel Platz

See the buildings that epitomized Frederick the Great's 18th-century Berlin, and visit the site of the Nazi Book Burning that took place on the 10th May 1933.


  • Neue Wache

Pay tribute to the victims of war and tyranny at Germany's central national war memorial.


  • Unter den Linden

Walk down Berlin's most iconic boulevard – the city's 'Royal Mile’ (Bonus: you will get a sneak peak at the Brandenburg Gate in the distance).


  • Museum Island

A Unesco world heritage site with 5 old and 2 new museums. Also the home to Berlin's largest Cathedral and the newly reconstructed Royal Palace.

Benefits of a Virtual Tour

​I have to admit, when I started researching virtual tours, I was sceptical. I definitely had my doubts, as I am sure, you have. But the more I have looked in to it and done my research, trial runs etc., I have to say I it DOES work! Now, a virtual tour can never replace the experience that real travelling gives you and when the world is ready for us who can travel; I will be the first one to welcome you to the streets of Berlin. However, that may perhaps take a while. Even if you will not be able to taste the savoury currywurst, sweet strudel or the cold beer, I will bring the stories of Berlin directly to you in the comfort of your own home. You can invite up to five people; family, friends or even a small company meeting! And as an added bonus, if you book one tour before the end of 2020, I will give you one additional virtual tour of your choice - for FREE! Would that not be a great gift for someone. Or maybe the first tour was just THAT GOOD, that you can't wait to take another one! Who knows? Here are some benefits:  

  • You get to meet a great local guide live in Berlin and experience history, culture and lots of fun!

  • You decide who should join your real-time virtual tour. You can send your Live Virtual Tour booking link to up to five friends, and explore Berlin together.

  • Keep exploring the world with a local guide…from the safety of your own home!

  • Visit a place you’ve always dreamed of, or re-visit an old friend in Berlin. 


Hope to see you in Berlin - virtual or live.

All my very best, Jessica

How does it work?

Our virtual tours operates between: 

8.00am and 4:00pm Berlin time (GMT+1) between September and March.

8.00am and 6.00pm Berlin time (GMT+1) between April and August.

Please send us an email to let us know what time you would like for it to start - it is important that we have daylight for our tour.

Please observe: due to technical issues, no tours will take place in precipitation! 

Time examples:

New York (GMT -5) good local time to start the tour is 8 or 9 am 

San Francisco (GMT -8) good local time to start the tour is 11pm or midnight

Perth (GMT +8) good local time to start the tour is 3pm-10pm

Sydney (GMT +11) good local time to start the tour is 6pm -10pm


Our 1hour private tour starts at €110/tour. For larger group bookings, please contact us directly for a price.


I will use the Zoom software for my virtual tours. You will need to download it on your laptop, tablet or cellphone – for the best experience with a connection to both speakers and headphones and don't forget your camera ;)

What are you waiting for? Let the touring begin!


Jessica Cartwright is one of the most sought after guides in the city - not only because of her in depth knowledge of Berlin - past and present - but also for the phenomenal way in which she conveys its history with spirit, suspense and compassion. 


Jessica, Swedish in origin, came to Berlin in 2005 via another famous B – Broadway. After seven years as a professional dancer she swapped the boardwalk for the streets of Berlin and took the opportunity to combine her interest in history with her natural ability to entertain resulting in an unforgettable Berlin encounter. She has a genuine passion for the city and its fascinating stories that she loves to share.


Come and experience Berlin through her stories of the city and its people as they stood at the gates of history with her “multimedia” props and passionate recounting of some of history’s most pivotal moments. A tour with Jessica's entertaining, dynamic and above all packed with history.

For more reviews please look us up at Tripadvisor

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