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Jewish heritage

From the middle ages to revival

Berlin was once one of the great Jewish cities in the world, home to a third of Germany's entire Jewish population. There was already a strong Jewish presence as far back as the Middle Ages, and with the Enlightenment under Moses Mendelssohn, Jewish life began to flourish. This came to a fatal end with the Nazi dictatorship and the horrors of the Holocaust, during which some 55,000 of Berlin's Jews were deported and murdered in concentration camps. Today, the city's Jewish community has made a remarkable recovery and is one of the fastest growing in the world.

4-hour tour covers:

• The New Synagoge

• Kristallnacht

• The old Jewish District

• Berlin’s oldest Jewish cemetary

• Stolpersteine memorials

• Rosenstrasse Protest

• The Otto Weidt Workshop

• The memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe

In addition to which a 6-hour tour takes in:

• Villa Wannsee

• Platform 17

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