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The city of kings

A visit to The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Potsdam and its surrounding lakes and gardens is a breathtaking experience. This is a full-day tour, lasting a minimum of 6 hours, and its for a good reason. Located about 40 km outside of Berlin, roughly 20 palaces survived the bombings of WWII. Because Postdam remained largely spared as compared to Berlin, this was a perfect place to host the planned “Berlin Conference,” held by the victorious powers from July 17 to August 2, 1945 – hence the Potsdam Conference. Churchill, Stalin, and Truman met in Cecilienhof to seal the fate of a divided Europe for the next half-century.


This will be a tour filled with beauty and excitement as we depict the legacy of the Hohenzollern family with an emphasis on Frederick the Great and his carefree summer palace; SanSouci. 


After the division of Berlin, Potsdam lies in the former GDR, and a secret village under the KGB will be established. We cover the horrors from the feard Stasi prison and bring to life the thrilling spy stories and spy swaps that took place on and around the Glienicke.

Tour highligts are;

• San Souci

• Cecilienhof Palace

• 18th Century Dutch Quarter

• Former Stasi prison

• The Church of Peace

• Marley garden

• The Glienicke Bridge

• The new gardens

Jessica is a licensed guide at Cecilienhof Palace

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