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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

A Nazi model camp

Sachsenhausen, located 30 km north of Berlin, was a very important camp in Nazi Germany. It housed the SS training camp, the Inspectorate for all concentration camps and was open to visitors as a model camp. Today, the memorial site at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp serves as a reminder of the darkest days of Berlin's history. More than 50,000 innocent fell victim to the Nazi atrocities and were murdered in Sachsenhausen under appalling conditions. Prisoners suffered starvation, malnourishment and daily mental and physical abuse. Sachsenhausen was liberated by Soviet troops who took over the camp and kept it running as a prison for the next five years. Another 12,000 people would perish in Soviet camp 7/1.

We cover:

• Tower A, arrival and registration

• Daily life and punishment

• The Jewish barracks, anti-Semitism, 

   and the anti fascist fire of 1992

• Roll call area

• Pathology and infirmary barracks

• Medical experiment and racial research

• SS training camp and Mess Hall

• Camp brothel

• Gestapo and SS prison

• Station Z – execution and gas chamber

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