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Third Reich

The rise and fall of the third Reich

Walking around modern Berlin today, it is hard to picture Hitler's Berlin and the insane megalomaniac vision he had for this city – capital of his 1000-year Reich, Germania. As Berlin lay in ruins after WWII, a lot of it was wiped away.  But the traces and the stories of the Nazi regime and the suffering it caused can be found in memorials scattered everywhere throughout the city.


How could someone like Hitler gain so many followers? Democratically elected, he bewitched a whole nation. This tour starts at the end of WWI, with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, and takes us through Hitler's rise to power, leading up to the outbreak of WWII and culminating with Germany's unconditional surrender in May 1945.

4-hour tour covers:

• The site of Hitlers Chancellery and bunkers

• Former Airforce Headquarters

• Former SS and Gestapo Headquarters

• Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

• Former Goebbels Propaganda Ministry

• The Soviet War memorial

• Wilhelmstrasse

• Plans for Germania

• The New Synagogue and Kristallnacht

In addition to which a 6-hour tour takes in:

• Platform 17 and Villa Wannsee

• or Memorialsite of Plötzensee

• or Olympicstadion

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